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The Exceptional Dental Experience

Date April 28, 2020

By Dr. Rebeca Zechmann, Owner of River Landing Dentistry

At River Landing Dentistry, we are wholly focused on an exceptional new patient experience.

What to Expect During Your Visit

When you walk in our doors, our expectation for you is that you will be welcomed into a caring and supportive environment, which is judgment-free and responsive to your individual needs. We often discuss that a patient may not know dentistry, but a patient will always remember how we made them feel. We don’t want our patients to be ashamed of their teeth or their smile, instead, we want our patients to feel comfortable, accepted, and respected.

Your comfort is of our greatest concern. We have provided overhead TVs and headphones for use during treatment, comfortable operatories, and even have our favorite scented candles burning to enhance your appointment and make you feel less like you are visiting a health care provider.

Oral Cancer Screenings

Beyond the atmosphere, our practice philosophy ensures one of the most comprehensive dental exams you will ever experience. All our clinical exams include the evaluation of your head and neck anatomy, including oral cancer screenings. Dr. Zechmann has personally identified 3 cases of thyroid cancer from her exams. We are proud of our recent investment in OralID oral cancer screening enhancement—which helps detect cell membrane changes beyond what the naked eye can see. Statistically, most oral cancers are detected in Stages 3 and 4. With the incorporation of this technology, we hope to detect precancerous cell changes before they have progressed.

TMJ Examination

We also examine your temporomandibular joint (TMJ). The TMJ is possibly the most complex joint in the body in its components, movement, and connectivity to the regional and central nervous system. It is also linked to migraines and tension headaches, and the dentist plays a key role in treatment of TMJ disorder.

Sleep Apnea Screenings

We screen all adults and children for sleep apnea as recommended by the American Dental Association. As dentists, we are in a unique position to see the airway every six months as well as to detect any signs and symptoms of snoring and sleep apnea. Our role is two-fold in dental sleep medicine. First, we help detect sleep apnea and make proper referrals for testing. Second, we fabricate oral appliances to treat adult obstructive sleep apnea when indicated.

Treating TMJ and OSA go hand in hand, and recent research shows a correlation between both conditions. Dr. Zechmann is qualified by the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine to treat obstructive sleep apnea with oral appliances.

Periodontal Exams

Lastly, we perform a comprehensive dental examination including a complete periodontal exam. This is done by taking measurements at six points on each tooth and is repeated yearly. The incidence of periodontal disease in the US is 47%, and it has a strong correlation to diabetes, inflammation, and heart disease. Most recently, periodontal disease has been implicated in Alzheimer’s, though more research is needed in this area.

Dental Health Scans & IV Sedation

With the addition of Dr. Ellen Paulisick and Dr. Alex Kusek, we have expanded our services further to provide dental health scans and IV sedation. Dental health scans are performed on our iTero digital scanner and incorporate thousands of photos to create a three-dimensional digital image of your mouth. This allows us to track changes in wear and gingival (“gum”) levels as well as perform Invisalign treatment. Dr. Paulisick is passionate about aligning the teeth into the proper position to prevent damage and believes in minimally invasive dental treatment, like Invisalign, to accomplish these goals.

Dr. Kusek has brought IV sedation to the office, which has added to our anxiety-reducing approach to comfortable dental treatment. You can now have not only dental surgery but all aspects of general dental care under IV sedation, oral conscious sedation, or nitrous oxide (laughing gas) analgesia.

We are proud to have invested in the latest technology including a CT scanner and same-day crown technology. Dentistry, like many other fields, is changing at an exponential rate as technologies converge. Our passion is to stay current with changes through acquiring technology and attending continuing education frequently.

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Think back to your last dental visit: if it has not included the above-mentioned compassion, screening, and technological implementation, come see the doctors at River Landing Dentistry. From the moment you walk in our doors, we are committed to not only meeting but exceeding your expectations. We take most dental insurances, and if you don’t have insurance, we offer a dental savings plan. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram or visit us at to learn more about our office and book an appointment online.

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