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Protecting the environment we live in and reducing our impact on nature is important to us at River Landing Dentistry.  Here is how we do our best to minimize our impact on our beloved low-country we call home. 

  1. Dry Vacuum: There are two choices of vacuums used to create suction in the dental office.  One requires water and utilizes 200,000 gallons of clean water per year!  The other, a dry vac, requires no water.  Furthermore, it requires no oil, reducing immediate area air pollutants.  We installed a dry-vac to minimize our water usage and subsequent water waste. 
  2. Amalgam Separator: Our water waste eventually flows into our waterways.  An amalgam separator removes mercury waste when we remove this type of filling material.  Amalgam separators will be required in all offices by mid-2020.  We do not want any mercury entering our environment and fisheries.  Our separator was installed upon construction of the office in 2018 in accordance with EPA recommendations.
  3. Plastic Waste: Unfortunately, we use a lot of plastics to protect ourselves and our patients.  Where we can, we have reduced our plastic waste with alternatives.  When you leave with your “goodie bag” from a hygiene appointment, you will notice it is a white paper lunch bag instead of a plastic bag. 
  4. Electronic Charts: Our charting system is entirely electronic.  As a new patient, you will be emailed forms to fill out prior to your appointment and submit back to us electronically.  It’s our goal to one day completely eliminate the need for paper in the office!
  5. Earth Day Reusable Grocery Bags: Feel free to stop by the week of Earth Day (April 20-24, 2020) and get a pack of reusuable grocery bags from us.