Through River Landing Dentistry, we can contribute back to our community, supporting the causes that are important to us as individuals.

Veterans – Stop Soldier Suicide, Travis Manion Foundation, Veterans Smile Day

Dr. Zechmann completed her residency at the VA hospital and treated veterans, including those her own age returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. These interactions left a deep, lasting impression on Dr. Zechmann. River Landing Dentistry is committed to our veterans.

Stop Soldier Suicide helps assist veterans and their families in need through 1-on-1 service. Their website speaks for itself. If you know of a veteran or a veteran family member in need, direct them to Stop Soldier Suicide. This awesome organization makes a huge impact. The founders of the organization graduated from Johns Hopkins University with Dr. Zechmann, and River Landing Dentistry will help promote their cause through awareness and fundraising. In the office, we showcase various local artists’ work. All proceeds of artwork sold in the office will go to this foundation.
Travis Manion Foundation 9/11 Heroes Run – This year the heroes run will be on September 7. See you there!

Breast Cancer Charity – Komen Walk for the Cure

Komen Walk for the Cure. Breast cancer has touched the lives of many of us at the office. River Landing Dentistry is committed to raising awareness and money for research. Low Country Race for the Cure this year is at Riverfront Park in North Charleston on September 21!